Thursday, July 31, 2014


You asshats need to get a life! The Sims 4 IS gonna come out on the 2nd of September whether you like it or not! If you don't want it DON'T BUY THE DAMN GAME!!!! Get the hell over yourself and STOP those stupid ass petitions! They are not gonna get you squat! As for the F&$*ING asshat on forum bflury you sir are the biggest PRICK EVER!!! Get a F#*$ING life!! GET OFF THE COMPUTER AND LIVE!!! You are NOT I repeat NOT gonna win so get the hell over it! The Sims 4 is coming on Sept 2nd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rant done!!!!!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Podcast now in iTunes!!

AND out podcast is now in iTunes!!! Please bare with us as we are learning all this stuff! We get a little carried away and lose track of the time. Other podcast shouldn't be as long. It's a really good podcast though! Stay tuned for Episode 2 where we discuss all things Once Upon A Time the TV show as well as the newly announced spin off Once: Wonderland!!

Mdolla & Roman's Roundtable Podcast EP. 1

Friday, March 29, 2013

Podcast Episode 1!

In this podcast we talk about and review Resident Evil 6!
Made with Roman and me Mdolla!

Podcast Episode 1


Howdy peeps! So as of yesterday I have started a Facebook and Instagram fan page for all things Warm Bodies and Nicholas Hoult for all the Houltaholics out there! Check them out!

In other news I've been. Playing the new Tomb Raider game and Resident Evil 6 on my PC! There both really fun! Well post reviews at some point!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Friday, February 22, 2013


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Preordered and other news!

So I got my preorder in for Tomb Raider and a friend gifted me Resident Evil 6 both for the PC! Super excited, got my new graphics card. I'm really excited for Tomb Raider! It will be nice to play that franchise again. The benchmark for Resident Evil 6 is now available, check it out!

So on another note, I've started using GetGlue. I've never really understood this app but I'm now addicted to it. Checking in to all the shows I watch and obtaining a sticker is fun! Speaking of checking in and fun! I bought Silent Hill Revelation on Blu Ray and watched. It was good, I loved how they actually showed the other world transition outside instead of inside. I liked the ending, but the actor who played Vincent was not really that great. He could never keep his mouth shut, every scene he is in his mouth is open?!

So my sister is supposed to move back home but hasn't yet. I'm beginning to think she really doesn't want to. I'm not really gonna get into that on here with everyone reading. But to make a long story short her "boyfriend" is NOT a good guy AT ALL!! She really needs to leave him and I can't figure out why she hasn't yet? I hope one day she wakes up and realizes this and leaves him! She deserves so much more.

Until next time peeps!